Interested in helping out at Lake Fork Stables? We need a variety of able bodied volunteers to help out around the barn as well as with our Riders Up and Horse Boy Method inspired sesssions. 

How You Can Get Involved

We will contact volunteers as our program grows and volunteer needs increase. 

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Stall cleaning
  • Pasture mowing
  • Pasture clean up
  • Building fence
  • Barn cleaning
  • Fundraising


Horse Boy Program Volunteers

For our Horse Boy Method sessions with autism families, we will need volunteers to help with sessions and interact with the children. Volunteers must have a fun and enthusiastic attitude and willing to play games while also interacting with the horses. 

What We Do

Lake Fork Stables provides free and reduced rate riding lessons to low income, special needs and military/first responder families. We also support autism families by providing Horse Boy inspired sessions, which provide children with the opportunity to receive the benefits of horseback riding while also playing fun games and learning in unique methods that involve horses and movement. 

Our Story

At Lake Fork Stables, we believe in the mental and emotional benefits of horses. Our Riders Up! program provides opportunities to children and families that they might otherwise not have. Each session is targeted to fit the needs of the child whether they want to ride for the therapeutic benefits alone or to learn a specific discipline. 

Ongoing Causes

Riders Up! provides young riders with the opportunity to learn horsemanship, barn management and horse care. We offer Horse Boy Method inspired sessions for autism families which includes learning and games utilizing the horse as well as sensory work providing relaxation for both the child and parents. In order to support our program, we also offer AirBnB Experiences allowing tourists to the Lake Fork area the opportunity to ride retired racehorses as well as paid riding lessons. 

Horse Boy Method Inspired Sessions

These are unique sessions allowing children on the spectrum the opportunity to learn on horseback in fun and unique methods.

New Careers for Retired Racehorses

In addition to helping kids, our program provides new jobs for retired racehorses. Some of our horses are even on their third career, providing lessons to kids after being retired from the show ring.

News & Updates

East Texas Giving Day

East Texas Giving Day

East Texas Giving Day is April 28th and represents a day of giving specifically for the East Texas area. We are excited to be participating in this 18-hour online event. Early giving has begun donors are encouraged to start making donations now at...

Saving Tilodi

Saving Tilodi

I started writing this blog when I'd had Tilodi for a few days. Unfortunately, after having her for two weeks, I've had to make the tough decision to euthanize her. Here's Tilodi's story, because it deserves to be told. One of the core aspects of our mission is to be...

Lake Fork Stables Receives The Paddock Foundation Grant

Lake Fork Stables Receives The Paddock Foundation Grant

Lake Fork Stables is proud to announce that we have received our first grant! The Paddock Foundation has provided us with a $1500 grant to go towards remodeling the tack and feed room, veterinary care and marketing material. The Paddock Foundation's mission is to...

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