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Virtual Wall of Valentines

Buy a Card, Change a Life

Like many nonprofit organizations and small businesses, we have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis, which has made it incredibly difficult to fundraise but at the same time, mental health is a major issue right now and our services are in great demand. We have kids that need us now more than ever and that list is growing on a daily basis.

This Valentine’s Day, we are asking for your help in spreading the love to East Texas kids. Our clients are individuals with special needs, children managing stress, anxiety, and other behavior issues. They are the reason we exist! 

Help us by purchasing a Valentine’s Day Card from our “wall.” If all envelopes are purchased, all of our kids will be sponsored for the month of February!

Virtual Valentine’s Day Wall

Sponsored by TJ Mellema

Happy Valentine’s Day to Troy Mellema

Sponsored by Amy Patrick

In Honor of BB Grant

Sponsored by Valerie Mellema

Happy Valentine’s Day to Troy Mellema!

Sponsored by Katie Shuler

In Memory of Karen Shuler

Sponsored by Marea Breedlove

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