Thank You!

Thank you for donating to Riders Up! Your gift is greatly appreciated and will be used to support the horses of the program as well as to ensure that our East Texas kids have the opportunity to learn more about horses and horseback riding. 

What’s Next?

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We provide regular updates on our horses and students on our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter. Follow along to see what we’re up to! 

Other Ways to Donate

Book a Horseback Riding Experience

Book a 2 hour horseback riding experience for $80 per person. These experiences allow you to learn the basics of horsemanship as well as ride our retired racehorses.

Our Blog

May is Mental Health Month

When we started Riders Up! in the Fall of 2019, we knew that the children of our community and surrounding area needed a program like ours. What we didn’t know was just how badly it was needed. Now that we’re in the middle of our second full year, we are truly...

A Christmas Letter to Our Friends & Donors

Riders Up! at Lake Fork Stables exists to help local families by providing free and reduced rate riding lessons to low income, autistic, military, and foster kids. Who knew at the beginning of the year we would be starting a charity in the midst of a pandemic. Because...

The Story of Zibeth

Near the end of January, a friend, Nicole, found two Thoroughbreds at an auction near Houston. They were able to bid and save the gelding, but the little mare slipped through. Her name was Zibeth. While they were loading, the saw her being pushed through the cattle...

East Texas Giving Day

East Texas Giving Day is April 28th and represents a day of giving specifically for the East Texas area. We are excited to be participating in this 18-hour online event. Early giving has begun donors are encouraged to start making donations now at...

Saving Tilodi

I started writing this blog when I'd had Tilodi for a few days. Unfortunately, after having her for two weeks, I've had to make the tough decision to euthanize her. Here's Tilodi's story, because it deserves to be told. One of the core aspects of our mission is to be...

Introducing Horse Sense Equine Therapy Retreats!

While we love reaching out to our local community, we know that there are many more families and children throughout the state and the country that need a break, need some horse therapy and would love a healing and relaxing retreat! We are proud to introduce our Horse...

Why Horseback Riding Makes You Feel So, So Good

Going to the barn has always left me with a peaceful feeling of accomplishment and overall just a good sense of well-being. People who go to the gym and workout on a regular basis understand this feeling well. You just feel so good. On the flip side, when you make...

2020 Riders Up! Capital Campaign

As we head into the New Year, we want to kick it off right and what's better than a 2020 Capital Campaign to raise the funds we need to cover our expenses for the entire year and then some, because...horses. They have a way of breaking things, breaking themselves and...

Why Thoroughbreds?

Part of our mission at Riders Up! is that we use Off the Track Thoroughbreds (OTTB) as our lesson horses. You might be wondering what an OTTB is and why do we use them? Johnny Hurricane placing 2nd in his first race. OTTB stands for Off the Track Thoroughbred, which...

3 More Ways to Give

I try really hard to not make every post here and on social media about donations and how to donate. However, when you're on an incredibly tight budget like we are, it's hard not to find more and more ways to obtain the funding to keep things running. The other...

About Your Donations, Where & How They Are Used


First and foremost, your donations go to supporting the horses that provide the children with the opportunity to ride. Without them, this program would not exist. They are the backbone of Riders Up! and we appreciate their hard work. After the care of the horses, your donations go to sponsor the children taking lessons and the supplies needed to ensure they are able to learn in a safe environment.


Our Wish List


  • Full-length black dressage reins
  • Rainbow reins for kids
  • Horse blankets (80 inch)
  • Grass or alfalfa square bales for winter (when we have to stall)
  • Hay nets


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