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What can a herd of horses teach you?


Horses are unique animals. They are the ultimate judges of authenticity. They have wide ranges of personalities and their own quirks. Just like people, they can be in a mood or not. They react differently to different people and in different situations. No matter what, they are honest 100% of the time. 

What can a horse teach you?


Because they are prey animals with a herd mentality, leadership is very important to a horse. In fact, for a horse, it can mean life or death. They will have respect for a strong leader and will steer clear of those who are vague or disingenuous. 

Horses are highly sensitive to nonverbal communication. They cannot only read changes in body language but they read subtle changes in emotion, expressions, determination, and posture. 

Working with Horses Builds People Skills

Discover Your Strengths

All of the skills that you need to be a leader and work as a team, you need to work with horses. Problem solving, communication, leadership and confidence are all necessary in teamwork situations and business. Horses, no matter their age or size, are the ideal facilitators because they require strong leadership, empathy and communication to get them to engage and work with you.

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A Christmas Letter to Our Friends & Donors

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