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Horses make the magic happen! To provide safe and effective riding lessons and therapy sessions, it’s vital that our horses are in the best condition and sound. To keep them happy and healthy, we need quality feed, hay and regular hoof care. Without our special therapy and lesson horses, our programs would not be possible.

Sponsorship Benefits

100% Tax-deductible Contribution

Your gift is restricted to equine care to ensure happy and sound horses.

Personalized Certificate of Appreciation

You will receive a personalized Certificate of Appreciation including a photo of the horse you are sponsoring.


We will prominently recognize your gift on our website, newsletters and social media.

Your Name(s) on the Horse's Stall Plate

Your name will be added to the horse’s stall sign in the barn.

Custom Halter for Gifts $2,000 or More

If you donate $2,000 or more, your sponsored horse will wear a custom leather halter with the sponsor’s name(s) on the nameplate. 

Our Horses

Mistic Gray

Mistic is the first horse that all riders start on. He thoroughly enjoys his third career as a lesson and therapy horse for kids. 


Sponsor Mistic


Jackson is great for both beginners and intermediate riders. He is both a retired racehorse and retired event horse enjoying a slower pace in life. He still has a lot of get up and go, so our more advanced riders thoroughly enjoy riding him.


Sponsor Jackson

Follow my Path

He may be the youngest of the herd, but he is gentle and sweet. Path teaches our older students the ins and outs of training a young horse while also amusing everyone in the barn with the new tricks he is learning. There’s a job for every horse at Lake Fork Stables.


Sponsor Path


Cinnamon was injured in an accident last year. She has been recovering from a broken tail, but still has a home at Lake Fork Stables until she can return to work. 


Sponsor Cinnamon

About Your Donations, Where & How They are Used

All donations that are received from sponsoring our horses are used to cover the expenses of their care. This includes high quality Bluebonnet Equilene Complete feed, quality round bales, and excellent farrier service. Our horses live as natural of a life as we can provide to ensure that they are always happy and ready to do their jobs.

How much does it cost to keep a horse?

It is approximately $300 per month to provide for a horse. 

How much does it cost for hoof care?

Our farrier service comes every 6 weeks to trim our horse’s feet. It is $40 per horse for a regular barefoot trim.

How Often are the horses ridden?

Mistic and Jackson have two lessons per day Monday-Friday. They also receive a training ride each weekend. They currently service 10 kids per week. Our goal is to get 5 more horses so that we can service 25 kids per month.

Why do you use Thoroughbreds?

Retired racehorses come having seen much more of the world than your typical horse. They are trained on farms and then go to the track where they see new sights and sounds each day. They have hundreds of fans cheering them on and they are worked everyday. This means that after retiring, they are desensitized to a lot of noises and machinery. They have traveld a lot, so hauling is usually not an issue. They also have a great work ethic from being in regular work and they have fun personalities. Plus, nearly every Thoroughbred we’ve ever met loves kids!

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