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Beginning Horsemanship Skills

No experience is necessary for students in our day camps. They will learn basic horsemanship skills that they will carry with them forever. From safely handling horses to tacking and riding, students will learn what it takes to handle horses safely and effectively. Day camps are kids ages 7-19.

It’s all fun and games!

Horseback Games  

Students will learn basic riding skills and will participate in fun group games with horses both on and off the horse! We utilize a variety of fun games and activities that teach riding skills while also having a lot of fun!


Riders Up! 2020 Annual Report

Riders Up! 2020 Annual Report

Our Riders Up! 2020 Annual Report covers programs, our achievements of the year and our goals for 2021.

A Christmas Letter to Our Friends & Donors

A Christmas Letter to Our Friends & Donors

Riders Up! at Lake Fork Stables exists to help local families by providing free and reduced rate riding lessons to low income, autistic, military, and foster kids. Who knew at the beginning of the year we would be starting a charity in the midst of a pandemic. Because...

The Story of Zibeth

The Story of Zibeth

Near the end of January, a friend, Nicole, found two Thoroughbreds at an auction near Houston. They were able to bid and save the gelding, but the little mare slipped through. Her name was Zibeth. While they were loading, the saw her being pushed through the cattle...

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