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Free Riding Lessons

In order to receive free riding lessons, the student’s parents or guardian must provide proof of residency in Wood, Rains or Hopkins County via a Texas State Driver’s License or ID Card and copy of a utility bill with matching address. Proof of low-income status via participation in another qualified financial assistance program such as TANF, SNAP, Medicaid, WIC, CHIP or by household income (recent pay stub from employer or tax return.) 

Horse Boy Method Inspired Lessons

We accept students on the spectrum as well as individuals with:

  • ADD and ADHD
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Any neuro-psychiatric condition

For those students that are not high functioning or with aggressive special needs conditions, we recommend contacting Shadow Ranch in Sulphur Springs, as they are PATH certified. We utilize the Horse Boy Method and Movement Method.

Horses4Heroes Members

Horses 4 Heroes is a non-profit that offers access to affordable horseback riding and equestrian programs across the US. What this means for our community is that we are able to offer half-price riding lessons to military families. All you have to do is join Horses 4 Heroes!

There are three membership options. You can join online at Horses4Heroes.org.

Lessons are $25 per hour for members.

Foster Kids

We offer reduced rate riding lessons for kids in the foster system. Lessons are $25 per hour.


Helping Children in East Texas

The benefits of horseback riding for kids (and adults) are numerous. Students learn a variety of life skills including:

  • Multi-tasking
  • Focus
  • Coordination
  • Patience
  • Muscle Control
  • Sequencing
  • Balance
  • Memory
  • Responsibility

All of these skills are learned through tasks like grooming, engaging specific muscles, balance in the saddle, learning patterns and more. Psychologically, students experience lower anxiety and stress. 

Happening Now

May is Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month

When we started Riders Up! in the Fall of 2019, we knew that the children of our community and surrounding area needed a program like ours. What we didn’t know was just how badly it was needed. Now that we’re in the middle of our second full year, we are truly...



Riders Up! 2020 Annual Report

Riders Up! 2020 Annual Report

Our Riders Up! 2020 Annual Report covers programs, our achievements of the year and our goals for 2021.

A Christmas Letter to Our Friends & Donors

A Christmas Letter to Our Friends & Donors

Riders Up! at Lake Fork Stables exists to help local families by providing free and reduced rate riding lessons to low income, autistic, military, and foster kids. Who knew at the beginning of the year we would be starting a charity in the midst of a pandemic. Because...

The Story of Zibeth

The Story of Zibeth

Near the end of January, a friend, Nicole, found two Thoroughbreds at an auction near Houston. They were able to bid and save the gelding, but the little mare slipped through. Her name was Zibeth. While they were loading, the saw her being pushed through the cattle...

Why Thoroughbreds?

Thoroughbreds are known for their speed and athleticism. The average person typically only sees Thoroughbreds at the racetrack or on television when the Kentucky Derby is aired. In reality, there are thousands of Thoroughbreds across the country that have retired from the racetrack life. Some need homes while others have gone on to second careers in dressage, jumping, eventing and even barrel racing. Some are trained for racing but are too slow for the track. These are the Thoroughbreds that make great horses to introduce people to the breed on a local level. Our Thoroughbreds are a combination of never raced and raced but was way too slow. They have great personalities, they love attention, they love to work and they love kids.

Mistic Gray

Mistic Gray (Jockey Club Name: Scenaroid) is our main man. Born and raced in Iowa, he was a very slow race horse and earned only $600 on the track. He then went on to have a career as jumper in the show ring and is now giving beginner lessons. 


Jackson (Jockey Club Name: Delaware Punch) is a Texas-bred Thoroughbred who race in Texas and Oklahoma. He earned over $11,000 in 13 starts. He even ran in a stakes race! Jackson is also a retired eventer, meaning he performed in dressage, cross country and show jumping. He is 21 years old. 


Zibeth was saved from a Texas Kill Pen by Thoroughbred Athletes in Guthrie, Oklahoma. She raced one time and did not win anything. She is a 4 year old mare in training to become a lesson horse.

Follow My Path

Path is an unraced Thoroughbred gelding with great potential in the show ring and as a lesson horse. He is currently in training. 

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