Oh, No Stirrup November. So many riders despise you throughout the month, but oh how their riding position improves!

If you are routinely challenged by your riding instructor or yourself to ride with no stirrups in November, do it for a cause this year! By participating in the Riders Up! No Stirrup November Challenge you can help raise funds for Riders Up! while also improving your own riding abilities. Plus, there are prizes!

The Rules

1. Find supporters to pledge a dollar amount for each day you can ride without stirrups in November. Or, they can pledge a flat donation!

2. Keep a log of your rides and share your experiences on Facebook with the tags #ridersup #lakeforkstables #nostirrupnovember

3. Each week we will have a special challenge for bonus prizes!

You can start any time during the month of November. Prizes will be awarded to the rider who completes the most days and the rider who raises the most money for Riders Up!

You can find the Pledge For here. And the Rider Log can be found here. Print them off and get started!

Riders logs and pledge forms to be returned to:

Lake Fork Stables

270 CR 1880

Yantis, TX 75497

Pledges can be paid via check or paid online via PayPal and sent to valerie@ridersup.org

The Benefits

Riding without stirrups offers soo many benefits, whether you ride English or western.

  1. Improve your balance.
  2. Improve your level of feel and suppleness.
  3. Increased rider awareness of their own biomechanics.
  4. Builds core strength.
  5. Learn to stay tall and in vertical alignment in the saddle without depending on your stirrups.
  6. Increased confidence in your riding ability should you lose your stirrups anytime throughout the rest of the year!
  7. The horses and kids at Riders Up! will appreciate you even more!
  8. Did we mention prizes?!

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