Our Horse Sense Equine Therapy Retreats are provided free of charge for families with children on the autism spectrum. Utilizing the Horse Boy Method, we provide a customized 3 day/2 night stay complete with accommodations, a night out to dinner and more!

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3 Days/2 Nights

Our retreats are 3 days and 2 nights with customized Horse Boy method sessions designed for your child or children. This includes 4 hours of horseback riding or therapy sessions. 


Accommodations are provided by Stable View Cottages adjacent to the stables. Each tiny house includes a queen size bed and full size futon with a full kitchen, television, Netflix and WiFi. 

Sponsor Colton

Colton is a very happy and outgoing child on the autism spectrum. He loves the outdoors and is at peace and happy on the back of a horse. He loves to volunteer at horse centers and loves taking care of and feeding horses. 

Help Colton receive a Horse Sense Equine Therapy Retreat where he can feel at peace and experience pure happiness.

Sponsor Colton

What We Do

Horse Sense Equine Therapy Retreats are designed to provide families with special needs children a break. We provide accommodations on site of Lake Fork Stables with a view of our pastures. Families receive 4 hours of customized Horse Boy Method session designed around their child’s interests and needs. Our local area also offers fishing at Lake Fork, a playground on the lake and many small towns with great restaurants, shopping and activities. 

About the Horse Boy Method

The Horse Boy Method is a child led program for children on the spectrum. It was created by Rupert Isaacson after discovering the amazing affects that horseback riding had on his autistic son, Rowen. The Horse Boy Method utilizes the motion of the horse in an equine assisted therapy session to reduce the amount of cortisol produced and increase the amount of oxytocin. Increasing the oxytocin stops the body’s stress response, which shuts down learning. Riding horses stimulates the production of oxytocin and allows the brain’s learning receptors to work again. The sessions are designed that not only are the fun for the child on the spectrum, but the entire family as well!

For Children and Families

25% of all funds generated by Lake Fork Stables is allotted to the Horse Sense Equine Therapy Retreat program. This ensures that families are able to take advantage of this program throughout the year.

Sensory Sessions

Sensory sessions are spent simply enjoying the healing properties of the horse. Both the child and parents can benefit from this relaxing time simply soaking in the goodness.

Learning Trail Rides

We’ll take a short ride around the property to see what fun and interesting things we can find. Perhaps we’ll learn something new along the way!

It’s All Fun & Games!

It’s amazing what fun we can have with the whole family and the horses. From tag to hide and seek, there’s not much we can’t do!

Child-Led Learning

We believe in following the child and their interests. Tell us what they love and we’ll customize the program to fit their interests.

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News & Updates

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Lake Fork Stables Receives The Paddock Foundation Grant

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